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Hualong Leather Machinery


HL-158 leather shoes cosmetology machine

  This company is specialized is engaged in the machinery research and development and the sales enterprise, in introduces leading technical and under unceasingly the strict management standard premise, in line with “humanist, uses quality to compete” the objective good faith management, take “high-tech, the high beginning” as the innovation idea, according to approaches eight year unceasing endeavor, the product weeds through the old to bring forth the new. The present customer has proliferated Guangdong, sells in distant markets Southeast Asia, the Middle East, places such as Africa and Russia.
  In the recent two years acts world brands successively and so on Hong Kong Hualong, Italian Will, this brand product technological design is exquisite, the technology is in the lead, the operation is convenient, as soon as passes through going on the market, wins the market by the high performance-to-price ratio the esteem and approves highly, has the association customer effect!

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