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Transfer innovation and development - focusing on guangdong shoe machine industry

The development of China's shoe industry cannot be separated from the progress of China's shoe machine industry.
Shoe-making machinery is an important link in the industrial chain of shoe industry, which not only benefits from the development of China's shoe industry, but also promotes the progress of China's shoe industry.
Guangdong shoe machine is one of the important producing areas of China's shoe machine, although facing the domestic labor cost rise, shoe production capacity relocation, financial crisis and other adverse situation, but with innovation and wisdom, guangdong shoe machine in the last 3 years shows a thriving trend, is becoming the most dynamic area of domestic shoe machine.
Since the reform and opening up, China's shoe industry has been developing rapidly, and it has become the largest shoe manufacturing base in the world.
Although shoemaking capacity begins to transfer to southeast Asia in recent years wait for a region, but gross still hold the first place in the world stably.
According to the China leather industry information center, China exported 9.696 billion pairs of various footwear products in 2017, worth $46.25 billion.
China's footwear industry has developed so far, has a complete industrial chain, footwear machinery is one of the important links, and footwear industry complement each other, mutual restriction.
As the upstream industry, not only benefited from the development of China's footwear industry, has made remarkable achievements, but also greatly ensure and promote the development of China's footwear industry.
Especially in recent years, the continuous innovation of shoe machine technology is increasingly becoming a strong support for the transformation and upgrading of China's shoe industry.
In 2017, the export volume of China's footwear machinery reached 94,494 sets, with the export amount reaching 152 million us dollars.
During the same period, the import volume was only 718 sets, with the import amount of 16.0799 million us dollars. The main importing countries and regions were Italy and Taiwan.
The development of industry of our country shoemaking machinery, divide according to time, experienced 4 stages in all.
The first stage is the early reform and opening up to the end of the 80 s last century, shoes machine designated production production is the main way in each region, including Beijing, guangdong, jiangsu, shanxi, shandong and other places, shoe factory are state-owned and collective enterprises, shoes machine type is unitary, commonly used shoemaking machinery has simple manual sole pressing machine, mechanical cutting machine, small oven, wel threading machine, etc.
The 2nd level is 80 time end to 90 time end, this is industry of our country shoe machine develops quickly period.
During this period, a large number of shoe factories emerged in China, and the demand for shoemaking machinery increased day by day. The original fixed-point production could not meet the development demand of shoe enterprises.
The country also issues policy to encourage the introduction of advanced products and technology of shoe machine at this moment, basically come from China Taiwan area.
At this time, the types of domestic shoe machine enterprises are various, including state-owned enterprises, collective enterprises, joint-stock enterprises, joint ventures, private enterprises, etc., of which wenzhou private enterprises are the most prominent, guangdong dongguan, fujian jinjiang and other places have become well-known shoe machine origin.
The third stage is from the late 1990s to the first decade of the 21st century, which is the golden period for the development of China's shoe machinery industry. The annual growth rate of the shoe machinery market exceeds 20%.
China's shoe machine industry from the introduction to digestion and absorption, began to occupy the majority of the domestic shoe machine market share, at this time the import of shoe machine decreased, export increased, China's shoe machine began to go to the international market, the emergence of a large number of well-known shoe machine enterprises.
The fourth stage is the beginning of the second decade of the 21st century. China's shoe machinery industry has entered the era of independent innovation and intelligent automation.
Experienced rapid development period and golden period, a large number of shoe machinery enterprises have laid a good foundation in technology and capital, have the ability to resist the financial crisis, shoe enterprises outflow and other adverse situation, and have the technical foundation of innovation and change of technical strength.
After 2013, following the trend of intellectualization and automation of global shoes machines, the proportion of independent research and development and innovation of shoes machines in China has soared. The technical content of products has increased, and the added value has also increased. In addition to meeting domestic needs, a large number of shoes have been supplied to foreign markets.
Guangdong is not only the important producing area of shoes in China, but also the important producing area of shoes machines in China.
Guangdong shoes machine originated in the 1990s reform and opening up period, China's planned economy to the market economy, guangdong as a window of reform and opening up, attracted a large number of foreign shoe enterprises, brought a lot of professional shoes machinery.
Some of the technicians who worked in the foreign shoe factory and shoe machine factory started their own businesses and established the first batch of local enterprises of guangdong shoe machine, and then developed into the backbone force of guangdong shoe machine in the future.
The development of guangdong shoe machine, experienced imitate, absorb, innovation 3 stages.
At the beginning, we imitated advanced foreign shoe machine products on a large scale, accumulated technical experience, expanded the scale of the enterprise, and enhanced the ability to resist risks.
After more than ten years of imitation period, to the beginning of 2000, into the absorption period, although many shoe machine enterprises are still to imitate the main, but the overall technical level has been not far from the advanced level abroad, with the accumulation of technology, shoe machine enterprise brand awareness greatly strengthened, began to register the main brand of their own.
By 2010 or so, the level of shoe machine products has been advancing by leaps and bounds. Pure imitation can no longer satisfactorily solve the production needs of shoe enterprises. Therefore, the company began to independently research and develop shoe machine products suitable for shoe enterprises, and showed a sense of innovation.
After 2015, the innovation of guangdong shoe machine enterprise presents blowout condition.
At present, guangdong shoe machine on the whole has been very close to the level of foreign shoe machine, at the same time almost every shoe machine enterprises have their own original products, completely out of the imitation absorption stage.
Guangdong shoe machine is one of the important producing areas of domestic shoe machine, the reason why it can develop to today's scale and level, the author is impressed, is the vitality and innovation of guangdong shoe machine enterprise, the overall trend of prosperity.
In terms of personnel, most of the founders of guangdong shoe machinery enterprises are migrant workers who came to work in guangdong from other provinces after the reform and opening up. They have worked in taiwan-funded shoe factories and shoe machinery factories. After laying a solid technical foundation, they set up their own business and create a world of their own in the shoe machinery market.
Guangdong shoe machine market is very big, the competition is intense, fluidity is very big, only be full of vigor to follow the market, innovate ceaselessly the enterprise that change can succeed.
From the technical point of view, guangdong's shoe enterprises are many Nike, adidas and other international brands of the contract manufacturer, the quality of shoes is relatively high, the requirements of the shoe machine is very strict, it can be said that guangdong shoe machine walked in the forefront of domestic shoe machine technology.
Guangdong shoe machine has the opportunity to contact the latest shoemaking technology and shoe machine technology, which is incomparable to other shoe machine gathering place.
Guangdong shoes machine development to today, the overall domestic shoe machine equipment can meet the technical requirements, to meet all kinds of shoe manufacturing process requirements.
Although still have gap with foreign advanced level in individual domain, but the country such as Germany, Italy already had the accumulation of nearly 100 years, and guangdong shoe machine develops current level in 20 years, the speed is very breathtaking.
Since 2015, the guangdong shoes machine enterprise innovation power of a gusher, almost every enterprise has its own brand shoes machine, have their own patents, has its own special features, many enterprises is the national high and new technology enterprise, has got the title of "guangdong famous trademark", and successively took part in formulating dominated the industry more than 30% of the national standards and industry standards, firmly industry leading position.
Since 2013, the global shoe industry has entered the era of intelligent manufacturing. At this time, it coincides with the rise of labor costs in China, and the trend of outward relocation of shoe factories is spreading. Domestic shoe factories move from coastal areas to the mainland, while foreign factories begin to move to southeast Asia and other places.
The crisis is a turning point, this kind of migration is also an opportunity for guangdong shoe machine enterprises, shoe factory migration is not a simple transfer of production lines to new areas, at the same time, the original production lines will be transformed, or even new production lines and shoe machine equipment.
In addition labor cost rises is long-term trend, how to save manpower, reduce cost, improve efficiency to become the focal point that shoe factory pays attention to.

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