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Leather machine knowledge of leather punching machine

Leather punching machine is mainly divided into mechanical leather punching machine, CNC leather punching machine, small leather punching machine.

CNC leather punching machine and machine tool using integral casting, stable and rigid, transmission mechanism using imported screw, nut flexible and accurate.

CNC leather punching machine with flexible tool control, the tool can be required for rotation or not rotation.The independently developed processing software can switch the Angle of the cutting tool at will, and various special cutting tools can process various patterns on the leather.The nc leather punching machine is a seamless integration of software technology and nc technology.Numerical control technology is one of the core contents of advanced manufacturing technology, which is developing towards the direction of civilization, networking, flexibility and intelligence.

CNC leather punching machine features and functions:

1. CNC leather punching machine will work automatically after starting up, and automatically return to the original position after processing, with high efficiency, safety and reliability;

2. A mold can be used for punching a variety of patterns, and can be simulated and imitated by computer;

3. It can punch holes in any part of small area, which is flexible and convenient;

4. Can be used for complex small pattern blanking, solve the problem of small pattern mold manufacturing.

5. In order to improve production efficiency, lianhong CNC leather punching machine adopts two sets of linkage equipment to divide a table into two working areas at the same time.The standard configuration of the processing table is 1280x790mm, which can be customized according to the needs;

6.CNC leather punching machine is suitable for punching on various kinds of leather, plastic, pu, Eva, PVC, cloth, paper, shoe material, car cushion and other materials.

7. Punching and punching radius: 0.8-8mm

8. Good punching quality, no damage to the material, no burning, yellow and black.CNC leather punching machine using pneumatic impact force as the driving force, the use of various shapes of cutting tools, after processing the leather surface leveling, laser machine punching machine contrast, no coke, black phenomenon.

9. The design and change of hairstyle pattern are realized by software and needle punching, without changing the mechanical mold.

10. Power requirements: power frequency: ac 50-60hz power voltage: 220-240v, the machine must be reliably grounded.

11. Air supply requirements: CNC leather punching machine is a pneumatic working equipment, period pressure requirements: 6-8kg.Need to configure an air compressor, air compressor need timely or timing drainage.Application range of CNC leather punching machine:The punching machine is mainly suitable for cutting materials like leather, cattle, sheep leather, artificial leather, plastic, PVC, pu, Eva, all kinds of cloth, paper, leather accessories, shoes, sequins, curtains, car leather chair, such as punching processing, widely used in auto parts (air cushion), bags, shoes, handbags, stationery, breathable material, advertising paper products and other industries.

CNC leather punching machine is also known as leather punching machine, leather punching machine, shoe upper punching machine, shoe material punching machine, car cushion punching machine, luggage punching machine, computer leather punching machine, automatic leather punching machine, intelligent leather punching machine, etc..

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