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Shoe industry pattern has become the "Matthew effect" gradually appeared

In the shoe industry, leading advantages in capital, market, talent, technology and other aspects of large enterprises, the formation of competition in the market to form a fixed pattern. The system specification, sizable enterprises shoe market resources better, gradually formed a fixed pattern, gradually to these large enterprises closes. In this way, the "Matthew effect" will also be reflected in the shoe industry.
Italy, Chinese, Chinese, Taiwan is the world's three largest shoe production base. The three shoe base position has been solid, long-term development and accumulation also make them form their own advantages and characteristics, and positioning in the market has become the basic pattern.
From the technical level at the present stage, the mainland and Taiwan shoe shoe (mostly Taiwan brand, production) gap left some products have no difference, but in Europe especially Italy shoe still has some advantages in high-end products. So, the European shoe still occupy the mainstream high-end shoes, although the proportion of this part in the whole market is less. Taiwan shoes are very competitive and at home, because they are almost "mainland", especially in Taiwan, the shoe factory, their market share accounted for the majority of the industry is estimated to reach 60%.
From the perspective of future development trend, many shoe makers believe that China's market prospect is still good, the speed of product upgrading will accelerate, and the quality requirements of products will also be higher and higher. At present, the improved product trend shoe enterprises are mainly in three directions: digital, automatic and intelligent.
First, digitalization. Digitalization is the development trend of the future manufacturing industry. It is also the first consideration for the world famous brand and the top manufacturing informatization. It is characterized by its convenience, accuracy, synchronization, individuation and standardization all over the world. Many shoe companies are also very advocate digital, but in fact is not fully implemented, so there is still much room for development.
Second, automation. In order to save labor costs, most shoe companies will use automated equipment, there are many manufacturers in the application of machine hand, automatic assembly line and other equipment invested heavily in research and development in the next round of economic boom in the occupation of the initiative.
Third, intelligentized. Basically shoes entrepreneurs want their shoe-making equipment can a machine can adapt to different materials, manufacturing processes, different types, different requirements, truly intelligent. For example, the intelligent trend in the folding machine and the front machine has become more and more obvious.
Indeed, digital automation intelligent shoe machine industry is also represent the general trend, but with the development of the market, the increasingly high demand for equipment, the product demand is also increasing, gradually, in line with the development requirements of the enterprise to machine more smoothly, for those high end shoe enterprises have the ability to manufacture industry standard is being pushed to the top of the industry. However, in the tide of the market, there will be some shoe-making enterprises because not keep up with the market development and terribly fatigued or even be eliminated.
"Matthew effect" gradually in the shoe industry. The higher the market demand, the stronger the stronger, the more standardized enterprises will get better and better, and the market resources will increasingly focus on these big enterprises, and gradually form a virtuous circle. And the weak will become weaker because they can't keep up with the overall pace, and will eventually be eliminated in the competition. For example, in 2012 fourth the leather shoe industry top ten selection activities first Yonglong shoes Machinery Co. Ltd, since its inception in 1992, has been adhering to the "Wing Lung breakthrough -- start from here" the concept of continuous innovation, improve product quality, meet the needs of the market. Especially in 2005, we first developed the first two-tier near infrared drying and molding line in China, which changed the traditional shoemaking technology and became the industry standard. To win the championship is well deserved. However, there are also many shoe enterprises because every fall quietly in the mighty wave crashing on a sandy shore in laurels.
"Environmental protection, energy saving, efficient and safe" basically is the eternal topic of shoe industry. The enterprise to be in an invincible position in the big wave of the whole industry economy, good long-term development, we must keep the advantage, keep pace with the market development, adapt to the development and change, constantly study new technology, and strive to develop long-term sustainable.

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