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The development characteristics of the various regions of our country shoe industry

In recent years, China's footwear industry has been developing rapidly. The total annual production volume of footwear industry accounts for 51% of the world's total output. Meanwhile, China's shoemaking machinery industry has also been growing rapidly. In the early 1980s, China's shoemaking machinery industry was relatively backward. Under the planned economy system, the Ministry of light industry's Machinery Bureau ordered the production of shoe making machinery products, with fewer varieties and low technology level, which could not meet the needs of domestic high-grade leather shoes. In order to promote the development of shoemaking machinery industry, the acceleration of the lead when absorbing the technology, improve the national shoe machinery industry level, the 85 period, the former State Economic and Trade Commission and the former State Ministry of light industry and other departments to develop the footwear industry processing equipment, the development of national key leading one-stop plan ", the key to import the domestic production equipment and other components for tax reduction or exemption, these are the foundation for the development of shoe machine industry. In 90s, China's shoemaking industry began to enter a period of rapid development. The distribution of shoe industry have their own features. The flourishing development of Taiwan capital enterprises in Guangdong, Guangdong, has also led and influenced the national shoes making machinery industry. In Guangdong, Dongguan, Shenzhen and the South China Sea and other regions, the growth of a number from the provision of spare parts, equipment maintenance and management for the shoe factory to now second-hand machine with the production of shoe-making equipment can be strong, even the production of luggage processing equipment enterprises.  Jinjiang, Fujian, Fujian, is the largest area for producing sports shoes, tourist shoes and casual shoes in China. There are more than 3000 shoe making enterprises now, with an annual output of nearly 500 million pairs of shoes. In recent years, the city has introduced more than 2000 shoe making lines (sets), and nearly 60 sets of EVA shoe soles have been formed at one time. The average investment in technical transformation is 800 million yuan per year.  Wenzhou Wenzhou shoe making machinery enterprises make full use of this opportunity, and the technical level and production scale of the product have been developed by leaps and bounds. Western China shoes processing base in Chengdu, Western Chongqing, in recent years by the national development of the western region of the East, the local government established the shoemaking industry development zone, formulated a series of preferential policies, investment, encourage the development of shoe enterprises, to solve the social problems of productive employment. Qingdao Qingdao area of North China, is an important area for the shoe industry, where the concentration of several well-known shoe-making enterprises such as China, double star, golden monkey, Hengda and other enterprises. There are also low-grade shoe processing bases such as LAN Cun, but due to the slow development, most enterprises are basically manual and semi mechanized production, and the demand for equipment is not large. Yancheng, Jiangsu is located in the north of Jiangsu, where transportation is not convenient, such as Guangdong, Fujian, Wenzhou and other coastal and big cities. The economic development is also relatively backward. There are not many shoe factories such as Wenzhou and Guangzhou. But Yancheng shoes in 80s under the support of national Ministry of light industry, the production of cutting equipment, and a large number of export.

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